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Run:ai achieves unprecedented growth, empowering companies of all sizes to compete in the AI market

January 30, 2023

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Tel Aviv, Israel, January 30 2023 — Run:ai, the leader in compute orchestration for AI workloads, announced today that it has attained unprecedented growth in 2022. The company has experienced triple-digit revenue growth in its overall business and within its existing customer base. Additionally, the company has doubled the number of customers it serves, proving that Run:ai's GPU Orchestration platform is becoming increasingly vital for companies of all sizes to compete in today's market.

"We're thrilled to have such strong momentum in our business," said Omri Geller, CEO of Run:ai. "Our 2022 banner year is a testament to the need to empower AI infrastructure so that companies of all sizes can compete by consistently releasing AI applications."

In 2022, Run:ai introduced new product developments such as swap and inference capabilities, as well as its DGX bundle in partnership with NVIDIA, to help companies manage their AI workloads and improve their overall performance. This is a critical factor for companies as the competition in the market is becoming increasingly fierce, and enterprises are seeking ways to introduce AI-based technologies while maintaining compute efficiency. Run:ai also grew its team, doubling its employee count to over 100 in the past year.

According to Run:ai’s soon-to-be-released 2023 State of AI Infrastructure Survey, on-demand access to GPU compute is still very low, with 89% of companies facing resource allocation issues regularly and only 28% of respondents having on-demand access to GPUs. Those and other results highlight the need to provide AI practitioners with self-service access to GPUs and explain Run:ai’s exponential growth. 

The positive momentum continued through the second half of the year. Run:ai attributes this to the explosion in the adoption and use of generative AI, as well as new applications for the technology. “Companies are recognizing the potential of AI and are investing in it to improve their business operations and gain a competitive technological advantage,” said Geller.

"We are proud to see our platform empowering companies across different industries and sizes to take advantage of the latest developments in AI and stay ahead of the competition," added Geller. "Run:ai’s platform, which was built to allow organizations offer on-demand GPU compute, helps our customers to quickly and easily release new AI applications, regardless of their company's size. We are committed to continuing to innovate and provide the resources and support necessary for our customers to succeed in the rapidly evolving AI landscape."

Run:ai's list of clients includes both EMEA and US-based companies, such as FSIs like BNY Mellon and Credit Agricole, America’s largest managed care organization, Sony, Mobileye, startups like and Living Optics, and top AI schools such as UPenn and EFPL. These leaders in their respective industries have chosen Run:ai to help them harness the power of AI to improve their operations and achieve their goals.

"With Run:ai we were able to build our AI infrastructure from the ground up for scale”, said Vikram Singh, Principal Business Architect, Data Scientist at Bank of New York Mellon. “This ensures we get AI out of the lab and into production." 

About Run:ai

Run:ai's Atlas Platform brings cloud-like simplicity to AI resource management — providing researchers with on-demand access to pooled resources for any AI workload. An innovative cloud-native operating system — which includes a workload scheduler and an abstraction layer — helps IT simplify AI implementation, increase team productivity, and gain full utilization of expensive GPUs. Using Run:ai, companies streamline development, management, and scaling of AI applications across any infrastructure, including on-premises, edge and cloud. Learn more at