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Trusted by AI/ML Teams at:

Trusted by AI/ML Teams at:

Giving AI practitioners self-service access to accelerated compute is essential no matter where you are in your AI transformation.

Building AI

Building your AI Infrastructure

Need to build an AI platform for many users, a modular AI tool stack and automated GPU resource management?

Building >
Centralizing AI

Centralizing your AI Infrastructure

Multiple silos of AI & GPU infrastructure?  How to get the most out of these resources?

Centralizing >
Scaling AI

Scaling your AI Infrastructure

Want to take your current solution to the next level and deploy models with a modern cloud native AI infrastructure and optimized GPU utilization?

Scaling >
Run:ai Atlas Platform - Centralized Control & Visibility

Meet Run:ai Atlas

Run:AI Atlas Platform Overview

The Run:ai Atlas platform gathers all compute resources in a centralized pool regardless of their location (on- premises or in the cloud) and with our Kubernetes-based smart workload scheduler assures dynamic allocation of resources.

Integration to NVIDIA AI stack provides sophisticated sharing and GPU fractioning across multiple workloads and for optimized utilization.

Through a centralized control plane, IT Orgs gain full control and visibility over all resources, workloads and users.

With Atlas, AI practitioners have self-service, dynamic access to compute power to support their changing needs straight within their ML tool-of-choice.

Platform Overview