Run:ai Control Plane
Take control and get visibility into your AI infrastructure, workloads, and users
Control Resource Allocations with Flexible Quota Management

Optimize cluster utilization and workload scheduling with Run:ai’s advanced Quota management system

Guaranteed Quotas

Remove bottlenecks around users hogging their GPUs by guaranteeing always-available GPU allocations per user

Over Quota

Give users the freedom to go above their quota and opportunistically allocate idel resources in the cluster

Over Quota Priority

Set priorities around how resources are allocated and shared between users

Hierarchical Quotas

Set quotas and priorities per user, team and department according to your org's hierarchy

Hybrid / multi-cloud

Manage Resources Across Clouds and On-Prem

A single place to set controls and get visibility into your AI Infrastructure

Govern Your AI Infrastructure with Enterprise Level Standards

Set guardrails and secure your most critical AI assets

Enterprise Readiness

Secure Your Critical Resources

Make sure data, compute and other critical resources are safe and guarded and ensure you keep track of every action and job on your cluster with detailed Audit Logs

Access Control

Set-and-Forget User Permissions and Profiles

End the compute access havoc. Using Run:ai's Permissions and Roles you can set roles and control access to compute, data, workloads, and sync with your org's SSO and LDAP services.

Gain Visibility Into Your AI Clusters

Monitor and analyze the utilization of your teams, resources and workloads from a single place

Overview dashboards

Get Real-Time Monitoring and Alerts

Monitor the health and status of your AI clusters across clouds and on-premise from a single location


Dive Into Historical Usage Patterns

Improve planning and decision making with insights into historical utilization and allocation patterns

consumption reports

Track Resource Consumption Across Your Org

Enable chargeback with detailed reports on resource consumption at the user, team and department level

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