Scale Your Deep Learning Initiatives and Remediate AI Silos


Achieve AI workflow agility without compromising on scale

Local AI initiatives,(i.e "Shadow AI") often leads to under-utilization of expensive organizational resources and delay in moving models to production. The Run:ai MLOps Compute Platform (MCP) and NVIDIA DGX Systems Bundle is here to solve these challenges.

A full stack solution built on top of NVIDIA’s DGXTM Systems

Access AI compute resources without worrying about the infrastructure layer. Run:ai’s Atlas virtualizes the entire hardware layer, so you can deploy, monitor and manage  your sessions using our simple UI..

10x GPU Utilization

Up to 10x GPU utilization

Reap more from your A100 GPUs. Run:ai’s virtual GPU fractioning allows you to run multiple training sessions on a single GPU utilizing it to the max

Manage your teams’ AI jobs the smart way

Free yourself from administering and prioritizing resources across teams. With Run:ai’s smart scheduling, each team dynamically gets their fair share of AI compute power and free up idle resources with other jobs in the queue, based on fairness and pre-defined rules.

Manage AI Jobs

Trusted by AI/ML Teams at:

Trusted by AI/ML Teams at:

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Frequently asked questions

Q: How can I purchase the Run:ai MCP bundle?

A: You can purchase it via any NVIDIA/Run:ai Value-Added Reseller (VAR), and feel free to reach out to Run:ai or NVIDIA for more details.

Q: Where do I get support for the Run:ai MCP bundle?

A: NVIDIA will act as the single point-of-contact for all 1st line support requests, besides that Run:ai will assign a dedicated customer success agent to all bundle customers.

Q: How do I know if the DGX/Run:ai bundle is relevant for me?

A: EASY! If you are buying a DGX then the bundle is relevant

Q: What advantages does the Run:ai MCP bundle provide over the normal DGX offering?

A: Run:ai’s addition to the bundle provides a differentiated end-to-end solution to your DGX platform including: enabling hybrid cloud / multi-cloud deployments, maximization of ROI on your GPUs, and a single product experience.

Q: What does the Run:ai MCP bundle include?

A: The bundle includes the Run:ai Atlas platform, NVIDIA DGX Systems and the NVIDIA DGX Software Suite.