Squeeze the Most out of Your GPU Cluster

GPUs are expensive and scarce; with Run:ai you can utilize every bit of GPU compute before incurring additional compute expenses

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Maximize your compute with fractioning and pooling

Run:ai Dynamic MIG and GPU Fractioning features allow you to split or join GPU resources and share them between users and jobs automatically, so every bit of compute memory is utilized

Give teams the freedom to operate, while keeping guardrails in place

Run:ai's Quota Management feature gives admins the option to set a maximum resource size, for each team- so they have flexible access that doesn't interfere with other teams

Size-fit your resources per job

Node Pools functionality allows to create different compute set for each team and workload, so you can utilize even the most heterogeneous cluster running T4s and H100s at the highest efficiency

"With Run:ai, we take full advantage of our on-prem cluster, and scale to the cloud whenever we need to. Run:ai helps us do that out of the box."

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