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Run:ai named in Forrester Wave AI Infrastructure 2021

March 6, 2022

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Forrester Research cited Run:AI as one of the “13 Providers That Matter Most” in its AI infrastructure, Q4 2021 report

Run:AI, a leader in compute orchestration forAI workloads, announced today that it had been recognized in The Forrester Wave™: AI infrastructure, Q4 2021 report published by Forrester Research. The report, subtitled “The 13 Providers ThatMatter Most And How They Stack Up”, is Forrester’s first ever AI InfrastructureWave™.

Run:AI was among the select companies that Forrester invited to participate in its Q4 2021 Forrester Wave™ evaluation ofAI Infrastructure. Forrester scored each company using 25 different criteria.Run:AI received the highest possible scores in the software and operations criteria. Run:AI also received on-par scores in the criteria of inferencing, innovation roadmap, and partner ecosystem.

The report notes that “Run:AI’s sweet spot is enterprises that want complete flexibility in the hardware they choose to use and where they choose to run it.”

It also states that “Reference customers like [Run:AI’s] ability to finely define how to prioritize and share resources among larger teams.”

“I’m proud that Run:AI has been recognized by Forrester as one of the AI infrastructure providers that matters most alongside what we see as some of the biggest technology brands in the world,” said Omri Geller, Run:AI’s co-founder and CEO. “Run’s AI orchestration platform complements and enhances GPU hardware, ensuring data scientists get the computing resources they need, when they need it, dynamically and automatically.”

Run:AI’s compute orchestration platform creates a pool of GPU resources which can be dynamically allocated to Data Science teams to meet their computing needs. With advanced scheduling, fractional GPUs, guaranteed quotas and other advanced features, Run:AI reduces idle GPU time to ensure organizations get the maximum utilization from their compute resources, speeding AI model development, training and inferencing.

About Run:ai

Run:AI is a cloud-native compute management platform for the AI era. Run:AI gives data scientists access to all of the pooled compute power they need to accelerate AI development and deployment –whether on-premises or in the cloud. The platform provides IT and MLOps with real-time visibility and control over scheduling and dynamic provisioning ofGPUs to deliver

more than 2X gains in utilization of existing infrastructure. Built on Kubernetes, Run:AI enables seamless integration with existing IT and data science workflows. Learn more at

About the Forrester Wave™: AI Infrastructure

The Forrester Wave™: AI Infrastructure, Q4 2021 is a 25-criterion scorecard-style evaluation of the top AI infrastructure providers, intended to help enterprise IT professionals make informed decisions about the AI infrastructure and orchestration platforms available today.

Run:ai was recently named in the Wave as one of the "13 Providers That Matter Most".