Stop wasting expensing GPU resources. Shift to Dynamic MIG and GPU Fractioning

Static GPU allocation and Siloed code runs, lead to wasted GPU resources. With Run:ai you can pool every bit of GPU memory into one big supercomputer that can support all your organization’s jobs with maximum efficiency

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See Run:ai in action

see the difference

Static GPU Allocation vs. Dynamic MIG and Fractioning

Simulation of 3 ML Inferences on 40GB GPUs with and without Dynamic MIG & Fractioning
Modified Image
The Modified
Photo of Taipei 101
in Taiwan
Original Image
The Original
Photo of Taipei 101
In Taiwan
Model 01
Model 02
Model 03

How companies scale AI with Run:ai

Truly Open Platform

Work with ML Stack of your choice

Full visibility

See which teams consume how much compute power

GPU Fractioning

Boost GPU utilization

Hybrid Cloud Support

Run and manage ML Models on-prem and on public cloud
"With Run:AI we've seen great improvements in speed of experimentation and GPU hardware utilization. This ensures we can ask and answer more critical questions about people's health and lives.”

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