We are RUN:ners

All Run:ai team members are builders - not just problem solvers, but problem lovers - we enjoy the rush that comes from finding solutions to challenges that demand creative thinking. Our down-to-earth culture gives employees many opportunities to work together across departments, and empowers employees to bring their talents, perspectives, and real-selves to work every day. Runners are independent, risk takers, and curious above all.

Hear from Our Team

Natasha Romm, Senior Software Engineer
Anne James, Marketing Manager
Guy Shaibi, Software Engineer
Jeff Fulton, Sales Executive

It's great to be part of such a strong team, using leading technologies to do the exciting work of helping the world make discoveries with AI.

Natasha Romm
Senior Software Engineer

Run:AI gives you the support you need to master your discipline, and then trusts you to own it – it’s wonderful to be empowered in this way. We’re motivated by our customers making groundbreaking discoveries with AI, but also by our own limitless potential.

Anne James
Sr. Manager, Growth Marketing

Over the past months I've enjoyed working with a really talented team, solving hard problems over a wide range of technologies and learning a lot. I'm grateful to be here!

Guy Shaibi
Software Engineer

After 30 years in large corporations I decided to make a change and join Run:ai.  I am enjoying every minute, having the opportunity to master Kubernetes and work among an amazing team of talented and devoted developers.

Ofer Lahav
Senior Software Engineer

I met the co-founders of Run:AI in early 2019. I found them, and the small team around them, to be highly intelligent and genuinely good people. This key combination, I have come to learn, is rare in the marketplace. I saw in Run:AI a place where I could have a voice, excel and grow. Some three years later, we're still a team where everybody is pulling for each other, and the caliber of in-house knowledge "uplevels" us all. I'm proud and grateful to be part of this exciting, unique rocket ship!

Sr. Manager, REVENUE Marketing

I wanted to work with smart, fun people on a mission to bring innovation to a whole industry. Run:AI has more than met my expectation.

Jeff Fulton
Senior Sales Executive

How we work

Be the CEO of your domain - we provide autonomy and independence along with a hybrid work environment. Everyone sits together in an open office and comes around the table to brainstorm and laugh together over a beer or a game or a sprint demo. 
Master deep technology in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Containers, Kubernetes, and GPUs. Get your hands on some of the most advanced technology in the world, and know that you are building something that will impact future generations.

Lunch and Learn series to level up

Work on the most advanced AI technologies

Build your containers & K8s expertise

Born to Run?? Join Us!

There are many opportunities to join the Run:ai team - you can find them listed below.