Create Your Own AI Center of Excellence

Make scarce GPU resources accessible and fully utilized for all AI teams across your organization.

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Don’t be taken by Shadow AI

Siloed work, misaligned compute priorities, and technical overhead slows your AI development and deployment workflows.

Run:ai Atlas helps Centralize AI infrastructures and bring teams together into one platform that allocates, efficiently-distributes, and simplifies Deep Learning teams’ access to AI compute resources.

Visibility & Control across AI Resources

Run:ai Atlas offers dashboards and analytics giving IT insight across all resources and workloads. Align resource allocation to business goals by setting policies and priorities across departments, projects and users.

Automated Resource Management

Run:ai’s Smart Scheduler dynamically allocates AI resources such as GPUs. Built as a simple Kubernetes plug-in Run:ai Atlas is designed to work with containers and cloud-native architectures.

More power and speed to AI practitioners

Run:ai’s Atlas removes the complexity of the underlying infrastructure and democratizes the access to AI compute resources. Now AI practitioners can focus more on research work and iterate faster.

One platform for Model
Building, Training, and Deployment

Run:ai Atlas workflows are optimized to support the full AI development lifecycle, by allowing AI teams to use the AI stack of their choice,including any party MLOps tools.