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E4 Computer Engineering and Run:AI Announce Partnership to Accelerate AI

November 5, 2021
Fara Hain

“Run:AI is excited to collaborate with E4 Computer Engineering, our trusted partner in Italy…”

This post originally appeared on the E4 Computer Engineering website.

E4 Computer Engineering, the Italian leading provider of high performance solutions for HPC, Artificial Intelligence and Containerization, today announces its partnership with Run:AI, an Israeli-based company which helps customers execute on their AI initiatives quickly and with the most efficient resources allocation.

Developing training models of neural networks for Artificial Intelligence processes requires the processing of large amounts of data and the use of parallel computing. To accomplish these operations, companies use GPU-based systems. However, it is not always easy being able to control the times and costs of these operations. Data science teams struggle to allocate and control compute resources for optimal speed and utilization and reduced costs.

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